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Davyd Whaley Foundation launches
Pauline Adamek | July 12, 2016
The Davyd Whaley Foundation, announced its launch on Saturday with a mission dedicated to supporting under-recognized Los Angeles area artists. In the spirit of its namesake Davyd Whaley (1967-2014), the Foundation offers a variety of grants to assist these artists in the fulfillment of their vision.
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Meet the New Foundation Filling a Persistent Void in Local Arts Philanthropy
Mike Scutari
Los Angeles has a new arts grantmaker, the Davyd Whaley Foundation, which recently launched to fill an "over-looked gap in L.A.'s art philanthropy.
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Whaley Foundation grants to support Los Angeles visual artists
debra levine | 10 Jul 2016
In a community celebration on Saturday, the Davyd Whaley Foundation launched a program of grants targeted to directly support individual Los Angeles-area visual artists.
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Sketching the Davyd Whaley Reception
ANNE M BRAY | JULY 12, 2016
The Davyd Whaley Foundation held a pop-up exhibition of Davyd’s work at Samuel Freeman Gallery to launch the Foundation’s grant program for LA-based artists. It was mobbed!
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Afghan girl injured by explosion paints with a prosthetic arm in L.A.
Caitlin Owens
Srrounded by a messy array of paint tubes, brushes and paper cutouts, the little girl focuses intently on the canvas in front of her. Not yet 7 years old, Shah Bibi Tarakhail rarely looks up, as she takes a brush and applies swirling colors of paint to the canvas. She starts using her left hand, then a few minutes later switches to her right — a prosthetic.
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Remembering the Life of Celebrated Los Angeles Artist Davyd Whaley
A memorial service will be held this Saturday, October 25th to commemorate and pay homage to Davyd Whaley’s life and contributions to the art world.
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